For the past few months I have been pondering on what to write about next to show that I actually know what I am doing in this field that I am in. As a result of the above mentioned sentence, one can assume that for months I didn't know what I was doing (lol). On a serious note though, having such an overload of information has become something that is almost daunting. Because of this mass amount of knowledge at your fingertips, being able to prove that you understand it has become something that is essential to set you apart from the rest of the competition. This point got me thinking though. What if this knowledge is actually channeling all of us to think the same? And if it is channeling us to think the same, are there actually any more creatives left? For the lack of 'creativity", I am going to quote my point in the hopes of that it becomes a bit clearer. "Good artists borrow, but great artists steal". This sort of mentality is being reproduced in our clothing, our pitches, our strategies, our mood boards and even our relationships (every second girl I talk to has a "BAE"). This has brought about some concern for me as I think that I am pretty creative. Where does my so-called "creativity" come from? Is it even creative? Is anyone creative? These questions have gnawed at me for the past week and my readings in preparation for this post have led me to realize that there is a serious need for us to press the reset button. Having the advantage of growing up in a country like South Africa, there is a wealth of untapped cultural, social and intellectual insights that can be used as inspiration. My computer screen certainly won't tell me more about what people want then the people themselves that are busy living. Taking a short day trip to the "Dark side" of JHB CBD showed me this. Being away from the bloggers, Juta street and Kitcheners showed me a refreshing marketing inspiration for new content that is relevant to South Africa at large and not just those that have 3G connection and an Apple everything. And not to take anything away from the budding new local culture of being a part of the rest of the world with trends and style but a small part of me says that we have more to offer from looking from within to be great than sourcing from abroad to influence our trends. The journey to identifying what a South African creative is will be a long one for me but, when it comes, I think that it will pave the way for a new crop of enlightened talent. Using true insight (As insight is the mother of all great ideas/creative) that comes from ekhaya will be the personification of advertising that moves a nation.